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To question, isn't just an expression of occasional curiosity, but is an integral part of our nature. We evaluate and try to grasp as much as we can about this world of ours. This greed for understanding gives meaning to our existence. Here at Rethink Existence we must confront some of life's most enlivening questions and witness the true spirit of humanity, having lots of fun in the process(obviously, do I need to say that?)

So, get on board, take a brief tour and fall in love with this place, 🙂







The objective in brief

To articulate the unfathomable that it may expand our ‘world-view’,

elevating us to celebrate this grand experience called Existence.


The elements of human experience

I've categorized Human experience into the three below. Our discussions should fall mainly into one or more of these categories(no it isn't a rule). The sensation of the self, community(other folks) and the world(both living and inanimate objects(inclusive of black holes and the rest of the mind-blowing universe)) are the primary domains of our experience.  

The Self
The Community
The world

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My recent work

A good place to begin

Why do we love?
November 28, 2016

I have a simple question: why do we love? And this isn’t one of those wonder-struck, awe-inspiring moment where you look up at the sky with semi-amazement and release a sigh of relief thinking how beautiful life is, no. I’m actually frustrated. Look at everyone around you, There are the type of people who are […]

What is your Passion?
June 30, 2016

All of us are so passionate about following our passions that we hardly notice passion itself degrading from one of the most personal, heartfelt and enriching emotions into a ‘success-mantra’ imposed on us by society. The meaning of passion has been a subject to change over centuries but its true essence, which is crucial for […]

What would you draw?
May 24, 2016

If I offered you a blank sheet of paper and a box of crayons, asking you to draw something, what would it be? I know this sounds irrelevant and somewhat stupid. It’s just a drawing, who cares? Well, I do. Because when given serious thought, this question doesn’t remain as futile as it sounds. Asking […]

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