Reinvent your perspective

And discover clarity

The Objective in brief

To articulate the unfathomable that it may expand our ‘world-view’, 

elevating us to celebrate this grand experience called Existence.

What can
Rethink Existence
do for you?

Topics like the meaning of life or the purpose of the universe have always been reserved for philosophers.

But not any more. In the age of internet learning is easier than it ever was. 

Rethink existence brings to you a multitude of ideas meant to help you shift your perspective in a direction that makes your life more meaningful. 

But why should you care?

Good question,

Don’t you think we ought to develop a deeper understanding about who we are?

More and more people today are waking up to a life of awareness rather than being confined within a limited mindset. 

This is why rethink existence is here, i want to help you upgrade to a better way of thinking that lets you design a life worth living.

How do we do it?

To begin with, I’ve got a bunch of great posts at the Blog section. 

Also you might wanna check out some great stuff here.

There is still tons of great (free) content that i want to give away to you but only if you are interested. In case you are then subscribe to the newsletter below for exclusive content and updates on online community events. 


Hey there, I’m Jerry.

As an aspiring blogger and an armature philosopher, I believe in the media’s capacity to transform the human intellect.

I’ve always been fascinated and driven by ideas and would like to share some of them with your over this platform. 

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