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What is Rethink Existence?

Okay, so this is the part where I get to brag about my work. But seriously, as the name suggests this platform has been built for encouraging re-evaluation towards one's own existence. Some time ago I had a scary experience. I noticed that I was merely surviving life rather than fully living it. I had no purpose, no direction, no spark (cliché alert!!!). Then I did something very simple and my life changed forever!!! I could help you do that too for just $200...... Okay I'm just kidding..... Yes, life was directionless and I didn't find any magic spells, but instead, I observed. I closely observed the usually boring things like life, science, philosophy (what? Don't give me that look, I like all that!) Soon as I gained more knowledge, my view towards life and all of its aspects expanded. Adding all of this to my desire to differ from the world and blogging seems like a pretty bright idea, so, here we are. Folks, I have build this place with great love and I wish to offer my insights to you hoping that it may help you exist more meaningfully. This place is 100% add free and premium, I hope you'll enjoy and learn from this. Glad to be of use. 🙂

So, how do we do it?

Here at Rethink Existence we must attempt to answer some Big & Bold questions, engage in discussions and most importantly, invent for ourselves a philosophy for living. Did you ever think about this? You aren't meant to live a dead life. Stop looking for a reason to live your life and start being it. And by living I mean being actively involved in our choices, actions and even our thoughts, turn off the autopilot. There is so much to life provided we open up. This may seem too much at once, but relax. Understanding life (better) and living more meaningfully is the single reason why I made this place, and together we can do it. Happy existing 🙂

Who runs Rethink Existence?

Jerry Fernandes

Hey there everyone!

It is such a pleasure to meet you. ooh wait! I hope you don't find this blog as a "motivational"(which is lame) site, because it isn't. This blog is Me on paper. Everyone feels the need to do some work which represents them the best and adds meaning to their lives. In my case it is this blog. I've always been interested questioning stuff, meeting new people and sharing ideas which justifies blogging being my full time gig.

I'm a student to life and interested in philosophy, science, cheese cakes and almost anything that sounds interesting. 20 at age and curious at being, a believer of nihilism yet a humanist by choice.